Cost Effectively Increasing Your Homes Curb Appeal

Improving your curb appeal can be an asset in a competitive market. With the increasing foreclosures and low prices, curb appeal can be the difference in whether or not somebody is willing to pay a little more for your home. As a homeowner you are probably asking yourself, “What improvements should I make to increase my homes curb appeal or aesthetics?”

Concrete Improvements

Locally, we are faced with ever changing weather with some harsh winter days. The snowy conditions can take a toll on your concrete driveways and sidewalks. It’s hard to look past the chipping and cracking as a buyer pulls into your driveway for the first time. There are concrete experts that can improve the surface and minimize future wear and tear.

Plant Flowers

Another easy and cost effective improvement is planting flowers. You can plant them in flower pots, hanging baskets, along the sidewalk, or raised flower beds. Talk to your local nursery and get recommendations regarding your climate and what flowers will flourish in your climate. This is one of the cheapest improvements you can make and it speaks volumes to a potential buyer.

Update Hardware and Lighting

Update the rusted or outdated hardware on the exterior of your home. Whether you change the exterior door handle or the house number, this can make a big difference. Modernizing the home can entice buyers mostly buyers considering new construction as an alternative to your home.

Paint your Front Door

A recently painted front door is welcoming and is the most cost effective improvement we will discuss. Most front doors look outdated and have paint smudges. This is another easy way to modernize your home. From time to time, there are colors that become popular in decorating. Choose a color that seems to be the new trend. Although this may sound silly, it will make a difference. This improvement will be the most effective with your updated hardware.

Pull Weeds and Trim Trees

Weeding your yard can be a challenge. If it gets out of control, it can take weeks to get it under control. Once your yard and flower beds are clear of weeds, use some kind of preventative maintenance to eliminate future outbreaks.

Trim your trees and bushes on a regular basis. Make sure they are not obstructing walkways or brushing against the house causing wear and tear.

As a seller it is very difficult to compete against the low prices of foreclosures and short sales. However, curb appeal can make a difference. This is one area that your competing properties are suffering from. Most foreclosures have deferred maintenance, thus leaving fear in the buyers mind. If the overall appearance is clean and presentable, a potential buyer is less likely to question the integrity of your home.

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