Cosentino-A Gorgeous Natural Stone Company

Cosentino is a company which is popular in natural stone production. Its stone production is used in modern day architecture and home decoration. This company is located in Texas USA and already has 25 years experience in producing ornamental natural stone. It also has growth its business and has spread the distribution around the world, including both in and outside Spain. All of its concepts are innovative, qualified and various with satisfied service. Those make Cosentino as a leading world Business Group in the natural stone sector which is oriented in modern-day architecture.

The most popular product of Cosentino is silestone. It is a natural stone which is composed of 94% natural quartz. This silsestone is produced into countertop which is the first and only countertop with unique features. It has a protection of bacteria. Silestone countertops are made from about 93% quartz and 7% polymer with color. This countertop is extremely hard and durable, since quartz is the fourth hardest natural material after diamond, sapphire and topaz. Silestone is also usually called as engineered stone or manufactured quartz.

Silestone countertops of Cosentino are available in many different finishes and colors. This countertop color and pattern are more appealing than the natural stone like granite. The denseness of silestone makes it fairly strong and durable. This countertop is also more stain and resistant to heat than stone countertops. It is also resistant from acid and scratch. So, the acidic foods like citrus fruits, soda and vinegar cannot damage the countertop. Besides, another qualified product of Cosentino we can opt for is integrity sinks. Integrity gives us the sensation of unity. It gives us a perfect integration with the rest of the elements of our worktop. Cosentino is a trusted and experienced company in natural stone production. Its best product gives us durable and gorgeous kitchen countertop which will add our home�s luxurious look as well.

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